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    The Participants

    , and a member of the Future Earth Interim Engagement Committee. Daniel D. Richter is Professor of Soils


    Thomas Donker is the head of future-project programming for the broadcaster rbb. His

    Thu, Sep 22, 2022
    2 pm

    Can Schools Save the Climate?

    schools, as laboratories of the future, responsible for doing something about the climate crisis? And what (...)
    like in schools? Are schools, as laboratories of the future, responsible for doing something about the Discussion at the closing congress
    S.O.S. – Schools of Sustainability


    “precrimes”, crimes that have not yet been committed, are prosecuted. But preferably, imagine a future Fifth


    : what speculations are necessary in the distant future for the today emerging fossils? And who will be


    rock. Techno fossils. Future fossils. Trace fossils. Most deposited close to those in the South, that


    and Their Consequences (3/3): Andrew C. Revkin, Future Earth Interim Engagement Committee, Min 64:00

    1st Prize: en|H@NCEMenT

    stories intertwined. One is the fragmented narrative of a future monocultural era, where an excessive


    In a distant future after the Anthropocene – humanity has been extinct for centuries – the


    the Aerocene: a nascent, collaborative, speculative vision of the future proposed by Berlin-based

    Publication: Nervous Systems

    ” determine discourses about future innovations and systems of classification in government and industry

    New Experts!

    Hopes for the Future

    Seminar Imaging the Anthropocene

    , places and processes were used to contribute more historical and future-oriented reflexivity to the

    Seminar Slow Media

    change as well as visions for the future. The seminar aimed to offer tools for people working in museums

    Seminar Valuing Nature

    creating ecological debts that are transmitted to present and future generations and to countries from

    School projects 2017/2018

    issues of learning, knowledge production, and the future of education. The Kopernikus-Oberschule in the

    The Disappearance of Music: Soundtracking Every Moment: Music as Data

    musicians in the future be replaced by artificial composition algorithms that deliver the desired hits and

    Films of the retrospective

    Program 3: Streetscapes Program 4: Monological dialogues Program 5: The Future of the Past Program 6: The

    Echo - The New Alphabet: Volume 4

    , creating an image of their past and their future potentials.

    Artificial Music - The New Alphabet: Volume 13

    defining the sound of the future. The essays in Artificial Music focus on the key developments, extending

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