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    School projects 2017/2018

    What if there was a new common language in the future that all students learned in school? A

    S.O.S. – Schools of Sustainability: Open Call

    -future-conscious alternatives to existing routine school practices, subject logics or technical learning

    S.O.S. – Schools of Sustainability: HQ8a – Mean High Water at the School of the Future

    HQ8a – Mean High Water at the School of the Future (...)
    S.O.S. – Schools of Sustainability: HQ8a – Mean High Water at the School of the Future

    Platforms China – Between Past and Future

    Between Past and Future. New Photography and Video from China Exhibition 24.03.-14.05.2006 Between (...)
    China – Between Past and Future (...)
    Platforms China – Between Past and Future

    The Whole Life. An Archive Project: Congresses

    for shaping the future? The congresses of The Whole Life. An Archive Project explore alternative ways

    Mississippi. An Anthropocene River: Field Station 4

    future geo-engineering and terraforming projects will also be discussed. Members of the Deep Time Chicago

    Publication: Wohnungsfrage

    live in the future, what should our cities look like? An analysis of the historical topoi that still

    Publication: Coming to Know

    constitutes itself as a resonant structure – a future-oriented monument to historically situated listening

    About Interrobang

    current and possible future forms of society and value systems. Multiple options are central to


    seem to be? Are the models sufficient? And above all, what future do they model? Does the Anthropocene


    doing and generating the new epoch. In order to support the adaptation of societies to such a future-now

    School projects 2017/2018

    The school of the future will change. It will have to meet new substantive and didactic

    School projects 2017/2018

    encounters in the school look like in future? How virtual or how real? How should virtual learning spaces

    The Disappearance of Music: Looking at Music: After the Laptop Performance

    What is the future of music performance? What role does visibility play in experiencing music? The

    Sat, Sep 17, 2022
    12 noon–6 pm

    #Commonings: Workshops

    Future Workshop in the Main lobby, with registration With Shareef Sarhan and Rana Batrawi In Arabic and Workshops
    New Alphabet School

    Publication: Bibliothek 100 Jahre Gegenwart

    of the present, contemporary thinking often lacks both an historical awareness and a future horizon

    Accompanying program: Radiophonic Spaces

    : Presence at a Distance Dec 6-8: The Future of Radio On three Sundays, editors of public broadcasting

    Contributors: Sybille Krämer

    Performing the future

    Contributors: FICTILIS

    of Capitalism, an institution dedicated to educating this and future generations about the ideology


    Rooftop Concert (1968) Things that Matter: The Future Wunderkammer. Valentina Ciarapica, Alessia Rotondo

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