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    Marcus Gammel

    sound art programs and features for Deutschlandradio Kultur. His radio play Europas Wahn (Europe’s

    Contributors: Mascha Jacobs

    Mascha Jacobs is the co-editor of the magazine Pop. Kultur und Kritik, lecturer, podcaster (Dear

    Giacomo Gianetta

    in Berlin. He composed and performed, amongst others, for Deutsche Oper, Deutschlandradio Kultur

    Jasmin Meerhoff

    Basel. In 2011 she published Read Me! Eine Kultur- und Mediengeschichte der Bedienungsanleitung.

    Marcus Richter

    for stations such as Deutschlandradio Kultur, 1 Live (WDR) and Fritz (rbb). His topics focus on

    Contributors: Dima Al-Bitar Kalaji

    Deutschlandfunk Kultur. Kalaji is currently co-leading the literary and arts project and multimedia online

    René Aguigah

    Deutschlandfunk and Deutschlandfunk Kultur. After studying history, philosophy and journalism, he wrote for the

    Maren Ziese

    – Bildung – Kultur and worked as a project manager at the Stiftung Genshagen for art and cultural education

    Contributors: Tullio Viola

    Tullio Viola is junior research fellow at the Max-Weber-Kolleg für kultur- und


    Matthes, Jörn Leonhard and Rüdiger Kruse (MdB, CDU). Moderator: Jan Ehlert (NDR Kultur) More information

    Contributors: Theresa Beyer

    Theresa Beyer is journalist and curator. With Swiss Public Radio SRF 2 Kultur she produces long

    Contributors: Rosaceae

    festivals such as Noisexistance at Kampnagel in Hamburg or Pop-Kultur in Berlin.

    Contributors: Sven Spieker

    Lipovetsky, University of Vienna, 2006); and Bürokratische Leidenschaften. Kultur- und Mediengeschichte im

    Nathalie Singer

    Deutschlandradio Kultur where she also developed the short radio drama format Wurfsendung. She is a member of the

    Felix Stalder

    recently Kultur der Digitalität (2016) where he looks at the historical origins and contemporary conditions

    Partners and Team

    Taschkent, Deutschlandradio Kultur                Kindly supported by the Embassy of Netherlands in

    Education: KIWit

    initiative Kultur öffnet Welten. Kultur öffnet Welten existed between 2015 and 2020 as the largest network

    Boris Buden

    author of Der Schacht von Babel: Ist Kultur übersetzbar? (2004), Übersetzung: Das Versprechen eines

    Jasmin Ibrahim

    FESTIWALLA – a self-organized platform from and for young artists. In the alliance KulTür auf! the

    Die Jury 2011

    . Deutschlandradio Kultur/Deutschlandfunk, WDR, SWR), die Neue Zürcher Zeitung sowie das Islamportal quantara.de, mit

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