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Report The Anthropocene-Project (German)

Oct 16-Dec 08, 2014

With the traditional methods of knowledge acquisition – the natural sciences on the one side and the humanities on the other – mankind has reached a limit. The indivisible concatenation of industrial metabolism, climate change, urbanisation, soil erosion and the extinction of species, as well as a new social (self)consciousness have shown: The rapid reformation of cause and effect, means and end, quality and quantity requires a new approach to the world which is not governed by postmodern discourse but material interconnections and processes – from the accumulation of plastics into artificial islands in the ocean, to the particularity of a speck of dust on its way from the Sahara to the Brazilian rainforest. A new sense of amazement at the wonder of planet earth is required: What can we do, how can we know – and to what extent are the two connected? With what means, methods and senses can we encounter the world of our own creation?

In A REPORT, an extensive program of events in conclusion to the Anthropocene Project, the HKW will be exploring precisely these questions.

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