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Research Project

The twentieth-century celebrated technology as a way to achieve planetary unity and control. Yet today technics, nature, and human activity seem to combine in increasingly disorienting, uncontrolled compositions in which once-reliable distinctions lose their stability. How did we end up in this world of technological vertigo, this Mobius strip of world and planetary technics, wherein cause and effect, local and global factors, human and non-human agency, perpetually confuse and confound one another’s borders?

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Program paper "1948 Unbound: Unleashing the technical present" (German)

Luis Campos: Die wuchernde Technosphäre, Sascha Pohflepp: Den Zufall annehmen, Kathryn Yusoff: Die Welt lässt sich nicht von Daten zähmen, Benjamin Steininger: Ein Füllhorn des 20. Jahrhunderts, Alexander R. Galloway: Das offene System entkontrollieren, Gerald Nestler: Die Entfesselung des Schwankens, Orit Halpern: Mehr als nur Überleben