The Shape of a Practice


Negotiating Context in the Anthropocene
Art, Discourse, Research

The Anthropocene as a global concept confronts planetary change with highly fractured and even contradictory local situations, conditions and experiences. It is therefore vital to share methods, contexts and ways of life to grapple with this transforming Earth. In October 2020, The Shape of a Practice will provide an experimental space of learning how to read and work with the interdependencies of planetary existence.

To project

Video – 1:48:00

Extracts and Exclusions

With Shana M. griffin, Sadie Luetmer, moderated by Maya Indira Ganesh English original version Presentations, Oct 27, 2020

Video – 1:12:11

Histories of Disintegration

With Imani Jacqueline Brown, Shahana Rajani & Zahra Malkani, Moderation: Adania Shibli English original version Artist talks, Oct 27, 2020

Video – 1:34:45

Opening Screening Sessions

With Tia-Simone Gardner, Beate Geissler & Oliver Sann, Anna Van Voorhis, moderated by Ego Ahaiwe Sowinski English original version Screening sessions, artist talk, Oct 26, 2020

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Mit Jeremy Bolen, Beate Geissler, Jeremias Herberg, John Kim, Bernd Scherer, Adania Shibli, Monique Verdin u. a. English original version Conversation, Oct 26, 2020

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The Current - Mississippi. An Anthrpocene River

Part of “The Shape of a Practice” Digital installation until Feb 28, 2021