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Video – 1:20:22

Dear Future,

With Silvia Fehrmann, Max Fuchs, Tanasgol Sabbagh and Burak Yılmaz German original version Performance and lectures, Nov 18, 2021

Video – 1:30:50

Field for Experimentation, Educational Center, Learning Factory? (German)

Schools, City and Society in the 1970s Federal Republic With Çiçek Bacık, Claudia Hummel, Ellen Thormann, moderated by Tom Holert German original version Discussion, Jun 17, 2021

Video – 0:01:47

Room Converters (German)

Campus Hannah Höch with Die Stadtdenkerei German original version

Video – 0:01:51

Concrete Isn’t Just Walls (German)

Carl-von-Ossietzky-Schule with Alexandre Decoupigny German original version

Video – 0:01:54

Schoolroom Dreams (German)

Hans-Rosenthal-Grundschule with Branka Pavlović und Nezaket Ekici German original version

Video – 0:01:51

Type Schools. Building Blocks (German)

Johann-Gottfried-Herder Gymnasium with Evgeny Khlebnikov German original version

Video – 0:01:52

School Teaches Society (German)

Walter-Gropius-Schule mit Eva Hertzsch und Adam Page German original version

Video – 0:01:50

IMPLANTAT@school (German)

Thomas-Mann-Gymnasium with Maryna Markova and Thomas Wienands German original version

Video – 0:01:46

Three-Dimensional Ideas (German)

Bettina-von-Arnim-Schule/Jugendkunstschule ATRIUM with Sarah Wenzinger German original version

Video – 0:01:44

Studio (German)

Carl-von-Linné-Schule with Bauereignis Sütterlin Wagner Architekten German original version

Video – 0:47:30

Heba El Cheikh: Resilience – a Virtue or a Curse

Moderated by Alia Rayyan Lecture, discussion, Nov 16, 2019

Video – 0:49:50

Monica Juneja: Have You Ever Touched the River?

Relational Art Practice between the Metropolitan and the Vernacular – Emplacement, Mutuality, Re-Materialization Moderated by Susanne Leeb English original version Lecture, discussion, Nov 16, 2019

Video – 0:52:05

Patrick Mudekereza: Knowledge Sharing in Art and Social Practices in the D. R. Congo

Moderated by Boaz Levin English original version Lecture, discussion, Nov 16, 2019