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Uncertainties and Unsettlements: Migration, Religion, Free Speech

With Baidik Bhattacharya, Raquel Gutiérrez Aguilar, Shahram Khosravi, Sandro Mezzadra Moderation: Vanessa Eileen Thompson, David Theo Goldberg English original version Discussion, Mar 17, 2018

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Nilüfer Göle: The Global Left between Race and Religion - Competing or Converging Categories?

Welcome: Manuela Bojadžijev, introduction: Sandro Mezzadra English original version Lecture, Mar 16, 2018

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Bernd Scherer: Introduction

To the event "Race, Nation and Class: Rethinking their Articulation" English original version Mar 15, 2018

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John Tresch: There Are No Religions and Science is One of Them

Part of “Wisdom Techniques” Original version Lecture, Apr 16, 2016