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100 Years of Now: Projects 2017 | Trailer

In its four-year project 100 Years of Now, HKW is undertaking an analysis of the present time by linking back to historical utopias.

In the face of a new world disorder in particular, it aims to explore its backgrounds to activate political imagination and aesthetic judgment. What experiences of the past can be brought to bear fruit for today? How did the nation-state system become the prevailing world order? How do modernization ideologies work? What terms are needed to create new reference systems? What freedom does music possess and can it still be a force for resistance? What could the schools of the future look like?
The Trailer is showing the projects "Now is the Time of Monsters", "Free! Music", "Schools of Tomorrow" and "1948: Technosphere Unbound" in the framework of "100 Years of Now".

Video: Michael Busch