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HKW Video

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Free! Music Trailer

How free can music be? Musicians, thinkers and artists dealt with this question in a variety of contexts in the twentieth century. Music should be free and should be freed again and again: freed of the restrictions that tonality or notational systems impose upon it, freed of the limitations of conventional instruments.

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100 Years of Now: Projects 2017 | Trailer

In its four-year project 100 Years of Now, HKW is undertaking an analysis of the present time by linking back to historical utopias.

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Kader Attia, Françoise Vergès and others – BODY

Thu, Nov 03, 2016 8 pm Friedrich-Kopsch-Auditorium at the Institut für Anatomie of the Charité hospital, Berlin

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Sharon Macdonald, Tony Bennett & Arjun Appadurai – THING

Mon, Oct 10, 2016 7pm Ethnologisches Museum Berlin