HKW Video

HKW Video

Video – 1:16:14

Performing Environmental Justice. Staged Reflections

With Shweta Bhattad, Zuleikha Chaudhari, Başak Ertür, Emilie Gaillard, Shela Sheikh and Radha D’Souza English original version Lecture, Mar 26, 2022

Video – 1:19:18

The Nomadic Curriculum – A Manual Series

With Stefan Aue, Beatrice von Bismarck, Chiara Figone, Kayfa ta (Maha Maamoun and Ala Younis), Lama El Khatib, Margareta von Oswald and Jonas Tinius English original version Presentation, talk, Mar 26, 2022

Video – 1:13:30

They Are There, Sometimes

Mit Data Chigholashvili, Nino Kvrivishvili und einer Einführung von Nina Akhvlediani English original version Talk, Mar 25, 2022

Video – 1:27:43

Encounters in the Archival Commons

With Daniela Agostinho, Nanna Bonde Thylstrup, Temi Odumosu and Cornelia Sollfrank English original version Talks, presentations, Mar 25, 2022

Video – 1:58:30

Stolen Gems Found Identities: A Cumulative Colloquium

With Mieke Bal, Assaf Gruber, Heide Rezepa-Zabel, Joshua Simon, Elena Vogman, moderated by Post Brothers English original version Performance, talk, lecture, Mar 25, 2022

Video – 2:02:17

Grid Memory

With Nataša Damnjanović, Charlotte Eifler, Başak Ertür, Adla Isanović, Nihad Kreševljaković, Armina Pilav & Damir Ugljen (Un-War Space Lab), Clarissa Thieme, moderated by Nanna Heidenreich English original version Talk, lecture, presentation, Mar 25, 2022

Video – 2:09:56

Active Archives. Performing Social Realities in Archival Contexts

With Salim Bayri, Frédérique Bergholtz, David Dibosa, Anik Fournier, Linus Gratte, Kayije Kagame, Helena de Laurens, Diana McCarty, Nando Messias, Paula Montecinos Oliva, Alice Pialoux, Grant Watson English original version Talks, performances, Mar 24, 2022

Video – 3:14:12

The Whole Life, told by one person

The Whole Life, told by one person is a biographic experimental arrangement. In a performance in front of a live audience, a person, in this case Arjun Appadurai, attempts to tell their entire life story to a listener in 3-4 hours.

Video – 3:38:24

Extractivist Memories (German, English)

With Patricia Domínguez, Neville Rowley, Andreas Siekmann, Ndongo Samba Sylla, moderated by Bernd Scherer Original version Video series: Presentations, discussions

Video – 1:12:14

Owen Hatherley: We’re Building a New City – How the Counterculture fell out of love with Modern Architecture

Part of the conference “Acid Communism” English original version Lecture, discussion, Q&A, June 11, 2021

Video – 1:16:21

Alex Williams: The Political Consciousness of Totality – Thinking Complexity

Part of the conference “Acid Communism” English original version Lecture, discussion, Q&A, June 11, 2021

Video – 1:10:32

Maurizio Lazzarato: Revolution and Capitalism in the 1970s

Part of the conference “Acid Communism” French original version Lecture, discussion, Q&A, June 11, 2021

Video – 0:07:50

Pascal Jurt und Christian Werthschulte: What is Acid Communism?

Im Rahmen der Konferenz „Acid Communism“ English original version Introduction, June 11, 2021