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Audio – 0:40:20

Round table Q&A

With André Odendaal, Kristine Khouri, Paula Barreiro López, moderated by Paz Guevara English original version Lecture, Nov 2, 2019

Audio – 0:37:16

Round table Q&A

With Catherine Dossin and Anselm Franke, moderated by Rasha Salti English original version Nov 2, 2019

Audio – 0:17:09

Conversation with Greg Tate, Jihan El-Tahri and Satch Hoyt

Moderated by Paz Guevara English original version Nov 1, 2019

Gallery – 9 pictures


The Appearance of Colonial-Era Europeans Exhibtion opening, Oct 31, 2019

Video – 1:27:20

Abyss of Ethnology

Jürgen Bock, Rosa Eidelpes, Adriana Schneider, Yesomi Umolu, moderated by Anselm Franke Lectures, discussion, Oct 19, 2019