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Fri 25.03.2022

when tekkno turns to sound of poetry

Talk, presentation
The Whole Life. Archives & Imaginaries
In 1993, a group of theorists and artists formed in Berlin to discuss questions of bio

Wed 18.05.2022

Anthropocene Working Group. A Scientific Forum

Presentation, Discussion
twelve sites and discuss the results with fellow AWG researchers; on May 20, in an open forum, the public

Life as Search Term

with the artist and researcher Sascha Pohflepp, the science historian and the choreographer discuss how

Sat 30.10.2021

Illiberal or Not Liberal Forms

Illiberal Arts
In this workshop, together with the participants, Simone White and Juliana Spahr will discuss (...)
> will discuss issues arising from the exhibition.

Fri 25.03.2022

They Are There, Sometimes

The Whole Life. Archives & Imaginaries
contexts of power, people’s roles and archiving challenges. Data Chigholashvili will discuss his research

Sat 2.04.2022

The Freedom to Develop What Is Necessary

The Children Have to Hear Another Story – Alanis Obomsawin
existing state of the media they work in, including Alanis Obomsawin. The contributors will discuss on the

Podcast: Sustainability | Politics of the Dance Floor

dancer. So I feel very privileged to be here today and have a chance to discuss this with our guests. So

Sat 26.03.2022

The Nomadic Curriculum – A Manual Series

Presentation, talk
The Whole Life. Archives & Imaginaries
curatorial and the literary. The editors present the three volumes and discuss: What can this series propose

Sun 21.11.2021

Materialities shaped by divisions

Illiberal Arts
some ideas and developments in contemporary poetic writing from this perspective, in order to discuss

Thu 28.10.2021

Building Publics

Audience discussion
Archive of Refuge
, participants discuss ways these attributions could be dispelled: through diversity, including more voices and a (...)
audience discussion, participants discuss ways these attributions could be dispelled: through diversity

Thu 18.11.2021

Dear Future, how can learning become anti-racist?

Audience discussion
Schools of Tomorrow 3
thought and behavior? Based on the interviews of the Archive of Refuge , participants discuss causes

Tue 23.11.2021

OK Europe

conferences they discuss challenges of the environment, profit and social justice, urban planning, digital

Podcast: Reset | Politics of the Dance Floor

pick one thing which I find so interesting to discuss and this is like how the music industry became

Fri 1.10.2021

History and Representation: History in Motion

Archive of Refuge
Jochen Oltmer discuss historical condensations, political abbreviations and shifts in remembrance culture

Wed 15.09.2021

Sex work’n’roll

Illiberal Arts
at the same time be shaped by them? Three (cis & trans) women gather around a table to discuss of

Fri 5.11.2021

Whiteness, Dissonance and Horror Part 3

Online workshop: 4 part course
Illiberal Arts
mixed-media approach and discuss texts from the past and emerging canon of white authors on the horror

Sat 9.10.2021

Socializing Evidence

Investigative Commons
investigators, lawyers, activists, artists, architects and academics. They will discuss the ways in which new

Tue 24.08.2021

Miss Read: Book Launch

Book Launch, Readings
Book Fairs will discuss the current state of affairs in the field of art and publishing. With Pascale

Thu 7.10.2021

Assembling a Black Counter Culture

Talk, panel, concert, DJ set
On Music
. According to the motto „Techno at the End of the Future“, he will discuss the Detroit-Berlin axis with

Thu 23.09.2021

Property Offenses. A Workshop seeking out Art’s Illiberalities

Illiberal Arts
vaster scope. In this workshop Franke, Morris and Stakemeier want to discuss this statement, Morris