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Sat 16.11.2019

The Unforeseen

The Unforeseen
. Patrick Mudekereza, director of the Center d’art Waza, will discuss alternative knowledge production using

Fri 25.09.2020

Conference: Bilderatlas Mnemosyne

Aby Warburg: Bilderatlas Mnemosyne
“workshop” in which the Bilderatlas Mnemosyne took shape? Scientists and curators discuss the concepts that (...)
curators discuss the concepts that were developed there and how they continue to influence contemporary art

Wed 13.06.2018

How Do Schools Create the Future?

Schools of Tomorrow 1 & 2
, Luis Armando Gandin, Maj Hasager, Robert Pfützner, and Marie-Therese Rudolph discuss experimental (...)
="" title="">Marie-Therese Rudolph discuss experimental approaches to teaching, alternative models for

Thu 13.09.2018

Anthropology, Art & Alterity

, curators, art historians, and philosophers not only discuss how the concept can be utilized and mobilized

Thu 16.11.2017

2. Berliner WiSU-Branchentreff Literatur: Working together

Talks, workshops
The Branchentreff brings together self-employed people from the literary scene to discuss current (...)
to discuss current topics and cultural policy developments. This year’s focus is on alternative

Fri 7.12.2018

Identifying as Anonymous: Public Speech In the Anonymous Age (Rip)

Live broadcast
Radiophonic Spaces
, Veena, Fiona and Tess discuss the endless possibilities of public speech and identity in the anonymous (...)
found material online, Harry, Rosie, Veena, Fiona and Tess discuss the endless possibilities of public

Thu 27.06.2019

Queering Memory. Archives – Arts – Audiences

contributions, they discuss the role played by digital media in visualizing queer history and how archives and

Thu 6.06.2019

Scratching against the Kaboom and Blare of Trumpets

Presentation, Discussion
. Morris, the musicians use video clips and sound examples from this performance to discuss questions about

Tue 20.08.2019

Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin – New cinema and contemporary art

Film, Performances, Workshops, Artist Talks
and others. In artist talks and workshops, artists, audience and experts will discuss what cross

Fri 4.10.2019

Politics Through the Looking Glass

, filmmakers, critics and academics discuss the potential of the self as a renewal of the political. With the

Sun 15.09.2019


Reading Bodies!
The workshop will discuss theories on the “racialized body” as well as Afrofuturism and the body

Sat 9.11.2019

Architecture and Society

these developments, scholars and practitioners from art, architecture and urban planning will discuss

Fri 6.03.2020

Refiguring Spaces #4: Brave New World?

Refiguring Spaces
participants will discuss past and present examples of (digital) visualizations of planned urban spaces with

Fri 17.08.2018

Kobo Town | The Chap

Concerts, film
the 1950s newly arrived Calypsonians used their lyrics to discuss the veneration of the British Royals

Thu 2.08.2018

Debating Brexit

historian Rhian E. Jones and the political scientist Philip Cunliffe discuss the pros and cons of Brexit and

Fri 18.10.2019

Conference: Love and Ethnology

Love and Ethnology
, institutions and narratives enable this opening? International authors, artists and curators discuss export and (...)
curators discuss export and appropriation, trance and knowledge, ethnology and aesthetic colonialism

Wed 27.11.2019

“Of Mimicry and White Man”

Talks, films
, e.g. by Bernice Johnson Reagon, Achille Mbembe and Julius Lips, to discuss her own practices of (...)
discuss her own practices of intervention into ethnographic archives. Kalpana R. Seshadri discusses the

Tue 21.05.2019

Testing the Schools of the Future: A Practice-Oriented Further Education Course for Teachers

Schools of Tomorrow 1 & 2
, discuss their visions for the schools of the future and network with other educators who wish to try out

Sun 17.11.2019

Afro-Sonic Mapping: Closing Talks

Afro-Sonic Mapping
Lundu until the early nineteenth-century Fado. Vieira Nery’s talk will also discuss the process of

Thu 30.01.2020

Streaming Life

Film & Video Day
transmediale 2020 End to End
Sebastian Lütgert discuss autonomous networks, the archive as a failed state of preservation and the many