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Wed 29.01.2020

The Eternal Network

transmediale 2020 End to End
network cultures similarly speculated about cultural practices related to the new web infrastructure and

Contributors: Anja Kovacs

power imbalances in the areas of norms, governance and infrastructure in India and beyond. Kovacs

Contributors: Ola Uduku

the contemporary issues related to social infrastructure provision for minority communities in cities

Publication: Kotti & Co + Estudio Teddy Cruz + Forman

distributes them as an adaptable infrastructure made of retrofitted factory-produced shelving systems. It

Mississippi. An Anthropocene River: Field Station 5

well as by global economic forces. These factors determine the topography, infrastructure and social

Do Not Draw a Penis: Doodling with automated moderation

projects. But with their categories they also provide a global social and ethical infrastructure. While you

Technosphere Magazine

inscriptions, and the supple physicality of the individual. #3 | November 2016 Infrastructure Infrastructure

The Architecture

costs of reconstruction to DM 40 million was met, but at the expense of the technical infrastructure

Samuel Merrill

, landscape, heritage, and infrastructure, particularly within the context of a broadly conceived underground

Keller Easterling

book Extrastatecraft: The Power of Infrastructure Space (2014) she examines global infrastructure

Sat 12.01.2019
4 pm–7 pm

Looming Creole

Installation, Lecture Performance
The New Alphabet – Opening Days
can new texts be woven in today’s digital economies in which the infrastructure projects of (...)
woven in today’s digital economies in which the infrastructure projects of multinational companies

Thematic Currents

into contemporary negotiations on Art Production, Infrastructure, and Insurgent Cosmopolitanism. In

Sat 12.01.2019
3 pm–7:30 pm

Stop Making Sense

Lecture Performances, Lectures, Discussions
The New Alphabet – Opening Days
computational centralization relate to reduction? Blockchain as Coded Infrastructure Simon Denny (artist

Shahana Rajani & Zahra Malkani

Zahra Malkani explores the politics of infrastructure and development in the rapidly transforming city

Sat 16.09.2017
2 pm–5 pm

Unsmooth, Broken Flow of Travels

Why Are We Here Now?
witnessing the resurgence of the colonial railway infrastructure in the present time. This presentation

State Technologies

examinations of six topics–infrastructure, finance, data, management, violence, democracy–investigate the

Fri 11.05.2018

Forecast Forum

infrastructure, an artistic medium, and a performance space with the power to connect audiences and across space

Sun 11.06.2017
3 pm–10:40 am

Guided tour with experts Anna-Sophie Springer and Etienne Turpin

Guided tour
2 or 3 Tigers
Director of anexact office in Jakarta, Indonesia. He studies and designs knowledge infrastructure and

Sun 10.04.2016
4:30 pm–10:40 am

Memory of the World/Public Library

Nervous Systems
infrastructure for amateur librarians. A public library is one of those almost invisible infrastructures that we (...)
of distributed Internet infrastructure for amateur librarians.

Wed 28.01.2015
9:30 pm–11:59 pm

Sovereign Sisters

Screening Installation
transmediale 2015
spirits of infrastructure and automatism. René de Saint-Marceaux's 1907 granite and bronze statue, which (...)
Sovereign Sisters seeks to summon the undead spirits of infrastructure and automatism.