These Birds of Temptation

intercalations 6
Edited by Anna-Sophie Springer & Etienne Turpin
13 x 21 cm
370 pages
Color & black/white images
Softcover, thread-bound
Berlin: K. Verlag & Haus der Kulturen der Welt, 2021.
ISBN 978-3-9818635-4-3

Appears in the near future, pre-orders via K. Verlag

These Birds of Temptation includes contributions creating a kaleidoscopic murmuration of minor ornithologies, including contributions on feathers, flight, song, loss, escape and evasion, as well as a series of object lessons, poetic reflections, short stories, visual essays and theoretical reflections on birds from Aristotle to Anaïs Nin, among many others.

With contributions by Bik Van der Pol, Bertolt Brecht, Wallace Craig, Anaïs Nin, John Paul Ricco, Bruno Schulz, Francesca Woodman and many, many others. Design in collaboration with Katharina Tauer.

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