ASSET Production Studio

ASSET Production Studio is a Berlin-based research, publishing, and design consultancy established by Anna-Sophie Springer and Etienne Turpin. The initiative brings two previously independent − K. Verlag and Anexact Office – together in one studio. Working through exhibitions, publications, public programs, and institutional collaborations, Asset leverages aesthetic, cultural, and pedagogical practices to renegotiate visual, spatial, and political economies of the Anthropocene. By attending to the current dysfunctions of contemporary culture and its institutions under global capitalism, Asset works to co-produce new processes and practices of valuation and meaning across disciplines and scales. Together, Anna-Sophie and Etienne are also co-editors of Fantasies of the Library (MIT Press, 2016) and the intercalations: paginated exhibition series (K. Verlag & Haus der Kulturen der Welt), and principal co-investigators of the exhibition-led inquiry Reassembling the Natural.

As of May 2019