Joana Barrios

Joana Barrios studied acting at Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema (ESTC) in Lisbon, choreography with Anna Sánchez in Barcelona, and gained a Master in Pop Music and Cinema Critics in Barcelona. She started to work with her fetish theater company, Teatro Praga, in 2008, and has been their associate artist ever since, working as an actress, writer, and costume designer. Alongside her theater career, Joana keeps a blog called TRASHÉDIA and writes a lot; including original content for theater and television, fashion-related debates and documentaries, performances, and also as a ghost writer. She is one of the faces of the independent TV-network Canal Q, wrote a children’s cookbook called NHOM NHOM, and is currently writing and hosting ARMÁRIO, a series of documentaries about fashion, to be aired on the Portuguese public broadcasting channel RTP2.

As of January 2019