Dipesh Chakrabarty

Dipesh Chakrabarty is Lawrence A. Kimpton Distinguished Service Professor in History, South Asian Languages and Civilizations, and the College at the University of Chicago. He is a founding member of the editorial collective of Subaltern Studies, a founding editor of Postcolonial Studies, and has served on the editorial boards of the American Historical Review and Public Culture. In his works he has challenged the concept of a Eurocentric historicism from a post-colonial and subaltern studies’ perspective. In his acclaimed book Provincializing Europe: Postcolonial Thought and Historical Difference (2000; 2008) he entangles limitations of Western notions of modernity, culture, class and homogenous capitalist and democratic developments in non-Western countries. Most recently his research focuses on anthropogenic climate change and its implications for historical and political thinking, on the history of the idea of historical truth, and on democracy and political thought in South Asia.

As of April 2016