Britta Lange

Britta Lange studied art history, as well as theater, media, and cultural studies. Her doctoral thesis on the ethnographica trader Johann Friedrich Gustav Umlauff was published in 2006 under the title Echt / Unecht / Lebensecht: Menschenbilder im Umlauff. In 2012 she habilitated in the discipline of cultural studies with a work on the sound recordings of World War I prisoners of war, partially published in Die Wiener Forschungen an Kriegsgefangenen 1915–1918: Anthropologische und ethnografische Verfahren im Lager (2013). Since 2014 she has been a research assistant at the Department of Cultural History and Theory at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, prior to which she was at the Institute for Social Anthropology of the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna (2008–10) and the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin (2005–07). The focus of her research is on the cultural history of the nineteenth to twenty-first centuries, cultural techniques, and colonial and postcolonial constellations, as well as early photo, film, and audio documents.

As of January 2019