Yucef Merhi

Yucef Merhi is an artist, poet, coder, and pioneer of digital art. He studied philosophy in Caracas and New York, and obtained a master’s degree in the Interactive Telecommunications Program from New York University. He is known as the first artist to exhibit a work of art that included a video game console, the Atari 2600, back in 1985. As a pioneer of digital art, Merhi has produced a wide body of works that involve the use of data, electronic circuits, computers, video game systems, and other devices. The resulting artworks expand the limitations of language and the traditional context of poetry. Merhi’s work has been exhibited worldwide and was shown in the official selection of the São Paulo Biennial, Valencia, 2007; the 10th International Istanbul Biennial; the 30th Ljubljana Biennial; and the 13th Cuenca Biennial, among others.

As of January 2019