Femke Snelting & An Mertens

Femke Snelting and An Mertens are both members of Constant, a non-profit, artist-run organization based in Brussels since 1997 and active in the fields of art, media and technology. Constant develops, investigates and experiments. Constant departs from feminisms, copyleft, Free / Libre and Open Source Software. Constant loves collective digital artistic practices. Constant organizes transdisciplinary work sessions. Constant creates installations, publications and exchanges. Constant collaborates with artists, activists, programmers, academics, designers. Constant is active archives, poetic algorithms, body and software, books with attitude, cqrrelations, counter cartographies, situated publishing, e-traces, extitutional networks, interstitial work, libre graphics, performative protocols, relearning, discursive infrastructures, hackable devices.

As of November 2019