Francesco Sebregondi

Francesco Sebregondi is an architect and research associate on the Forensic Architecture project. His research addresses the representation of spatially diffuse processes, the role of architecture as media, and the margins of contemporary cities. From 2011 to 2014 he was involved in the administration of the Forensic Architecture project and took an active part in several research investigations such as Living Death Camps, Drone Strikes, and White Phosphorus (which he coordinated). In 2013, he produced a series of maps and visuals of the world of international courts and tribunals on the basis of data provided by Cesare Romano and Karen Alter, published in The Oxford Handbook on International Adjudication (Oxford University Press, 2014). In 2011, he published the pamphlet The Event of Void: Architecture and Politics in the Evacuated Heygate Estate.

As of March 2014