Kompetenzverbund Kulturelle Integration und Wissenstransfer

KIWit: The State of the ArtsInstitutions | © Laura Fiorio

KIWit: The State of the ArtsInstitutions | © Laura Fiorio

How can exclusion and discriminating structures in the arts and culture be dismantled? How can diversity in cultural institutions be strengthened? How can immigrants, people of color, victims of age discrimination, and disabled people become co-creators?

To promote a pluralistic opening of cultural institutions, HKW has joined forces with four partners. The common goal of the Kompetenzverbund Kulturelle Integration und Wissenstransfer KIWit is to open up cultural institutions by being willing to recognize other perspectives, by questioning habits in seeing and thinking, and by initiating learning processes. It encourages, supports, and accompanies cultural institutions and actors nationwide. Programs offered by the KIWit network partners include training for disseminators from the immigrant arts scene, promotion of young talent among people affected by social exclusion, diversity-oriented further education and consultancy for cultural professionals and federally funded cultural institutions, as well as the initiative Kultur öffnet Welten and the database ProVi

Kultur öffnet Welten is the largest network for diversity and cultural participation in the country. More than 700 actors use the online platform to present projects, actions, events, and offers that create access and cultural pluralism. At the same time the site, managed by HKW, offers a platform for discourse that makes existing initiatives visible and integrates critical positions.

The ProVi database, which HKW has been responsible for since June 2019, makes the expertise of practitioners from groups that are underrepresented and under-perceived in the cultural sector visible. Curators, artists, activists and cultural mediators can register themselves in the database. Cultural institutions looking for new employees for diverse and non-discriminatory cultural work can make contacts.

Members of KIWit are the Bundesakademie Wolfenbüttel, Stiftung Genshagen, Bundesverband Netzwerke von Migrantenorganisationen, Netzwerk Junge Ohren and HKW.