For Kids and Teens

© Christian Sonntag

© Christian Sonntag

Young researchers create art, young artists delve into research. Based on HKW programs, age-suitable workshops under the guidance of selected artists offer kids the opportunity to be active on weekends or during holidays. Whether in the context of exhibitions or music festivals, kids and teens can try their hands here artistically and playfully. They can build robotic orchestras, transform remote controls into musical instruments or produce soundtracks for horror films. For the annual Wassermusik festival, teens shoot a making-of film; other holiday workshops take them to the Berlin Kiez or map their immediate vicinity. Exhibitions can be experienced in guided tours for families.

  • Kids&Teens workshops: 5€
  • Holiday workshops: 50€

Workshop registration:

  • Guided tours for families: 3€ in addition to admission, admission free under 16 years old, registration not required