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Schools of Tomorrow | © Laura Fiorio

Schools of Tomorrow | © Laura Fiorio

School partnerships

The focus of school projects is on artistic research: As part of the school partnerships initiated by HKW, on project days and weeks schoolchildren do research together with artists, examine the meaning of the topics negotiated at HKW for their own lives and work on their findings artistically in presentations or workshops. The aim is to integrate new topics and methods into school practice and to enable the world to be explored through artistic research.

Current projects

bauhaus reloaded – Students Design the Future (2019)
Radiophonic Spaces School Project – Field Studies to Map the Invisible (2018)
New Experts! (2017)
Polit-Talk on the exhibition Parapolitics: Cultural Freedom and the Cold War
Future Storytelling – Media competition for the Anthropocene Project (2014)
Whole Earth Catalog Berlin Edition on Issuu (2013)