My Dream of Flying

Photography Competition | 4 March – 8 May 2011

The photography competition is closed. Thanks to all contributors for their dreams of floating, weightlessness or lightness of being, of flying machines or air travel, of wings or birds.

The draw :

3 x 2 free tickets for the Berlin Hi-Flyer
The “Welt-Balloon” is one of the biggest helium balloons in the world. In a gondola you silently ascend above the roofs of the city. At an altitude of 150 meters it feels like levitation. This 360° view offers a breathtaking outlook on Berlin

Ulrike Kiesling
Jan Kübke
Ingo Rau

5 ex. publication accompanying the exhibition „Von Vogelmenschen, Piloten und Schamanen. Kulturgeschichte und Technologien des Fliegens“ (edition AZUR)

Sybille Jacobs
Carolin Keller
Helmut Kostede
Guru Sant
Frank Wenzel

10 x 2 free tickets for the exhibition “Der Traum vom Fliegen - The Art of Flying”
A roller coaster tour through the fascinating world of the concepts and technologies in which the human dream of flight manifests itself: prehistoric throwing axes and a flying carriage from Baroque theaters alongside a contemporary jet engine, a replica of a Siberian ‘take-off ramp’ for shamanic flight alongside futuristic speed fantasies and flight simulations.

Winners of exhibition tickets:
1. Megumi Oka
2. Dieter F. Heinlin
3. Rainer Plesse
4. Natalie Holmes
5. Ingrid Andriessen
6. Günter Scholz

Conditions of participation