Learning Place

Former West. Documents, Constellations, Prospects

During a week-long educational performance around 150 students from institutes around the world engage on topics such as the commodification of knowledge, critique of creativity, and functioning of edu-industries in today’s cognitive capitalism. Learning Place sets out to strip the dominant educational practice of its self-evident normality and so foster its critique and necessary transformation.

Conceptualized by Boris Buden

Bini Adamczak, PAST FUTURE: Historical Crisis, Crisis of History, and the Constellation of a Queercommunist Desire

Ute Meta Bauer, X Characters—The Construction of I, a Workshop Without End

Beatrice von Bismarck, No Work’s Capital

Chen Chieh-jen, Western Enterprises Inc.

Keti Chukhrov, How to Deal with What Is Considered to Be Art Today

Katja Diefenbach, The Second CV—Times of Being Inoperative

Helmut Draxler, The CV as Theological Problem

Koken Ergun, Wedding Culture—A Counter-Ethnography

Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani, Welcome to the “Hood”!?

Tom Holert, What Is Financialization?

Tom Holert and Jon Solomon, Audit Bureaucracy and the Innovative Assemblages of Bodies, Tongues, and Minds Recognized as Knowledgeable

Adi Keter and Ashkan Sepahvand, You Are You, You Are What You Do

Brigitta Kuster, The Self Is Only a Threshold, a Door, a Becoming Between Two Multiplicities

Dieter Lesage, From CV to Time Line. A Workshop on Labor and Social Media

Maria Lind, In the Midst of: How to Run a Small-Scale Visual Arts Institution in Times of Expanding Economization

Isabell Lorey, Self-Precarization of Cultural Producers

Esther Lu, What about Failures?

Angela Melitopoulos, From Sequences to Transition Points Somewhere Close to Now

Andrea Milat und Tihana Pupovac, Cooking the Occupation Through the Depersonalization

Ahmet Ogut, Define and Use: Silent University Student ID Card

Alexei Penzin, Sleep Well? Exploring the Dark Side of CV-lized Life

Gerald Raunig, Leben’s Lauf: Escaping the Mode of Modulation

Katya Sander, Life-Time Expectancies and its Graphics

Simon Sheikh und Tom Trevatt, The CV as Linguistic Labor

Judith Siegmund, A Creative Resume?

Societe Realiste: Ferenc Grof and Jean-Baptiste Naudy, Reading Timelines

Zoran Terzic, Art and Cultural / Political Collectives

Fusun Turetken mit Burak Arıkan, Mapping Relations of Funding and Knowledge

Ina Wudtke, My Life Live. Remixing My CV and Workshops by Li Ran and Dolores Zinny & Juan Maidagan

Diskussion with Gal Kirn, Ozren Pupovac, Samo Tomšič und Oxana Timofeeva, Surviving the Death of an Institution, or How Neoliberalism Visited JvE Academy

Diskussion with Katja Mayer, Theo Rohle, and Felix Stalder , Rankings and Cartels: Self-Optimization in Quantified Knowledge Environments

Vortrag Felix Stalder, The Author at the End of the Gutenberg Galaxy.

An Author without a Translator is no Author: Lecture and Discussions with Arianna Bove, Chen Chieh-jen, Maurizio Lazzarato, Alexei Penzin, David Riff and Jon Solomon, moderated by Stefan Nowotny

CV Queer Readings with Chto Delat?/What is to be done? and Mladen Stilinović in a talk with Boris Buden More presentations by Julie Burchardi, Maria Hlavajova, Antonia Josten und Kathrin Rhomberg.