Salon of Aesthetic Experiments

Project Presentations | 10.04. - 04.12.2013

The “Salon of Aesthetic Experiments” is dedicated to projects and approaches that engender a dialogue between the most diverse academic disciplines and artistic genres.

Once or twice a month from April to December 2013, a stipendiary of the Graduiertenschule für die Künste und die Wissenschaften (Graduates’ School for the Arts and Sciences) invites people to an exchange about their own work. Along with their panel guests, they think aloud about what connects artistic and academic work – and what divides them. Each evening will be different, regardless of the hosts or the guests: depending on the occasion, there will be discussions, experiments, presentations, interventions, music or speculation.

Participating artists: Anke Eckardt, Echo Ho & Alberto de Campo, Stefan Hayn, Antony Iles (tbc) Valentina Karga, Juliane Laitzsch, Genoel von Lilienstern (tbc), Yutaka Makino (tbc), Tanja Ostojic, Judith Raum, Lucie Strecker, Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa (tbc) & Lioudmila Voropai (tbc)

The Salon of Aesthetic Experiments is a cooperation between the Haus der Kulturen der Welt and the Graduiertenschule für die Künste und die Wissenschaften an der Universität der Künste Berlin.

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