Anthropocene: A Data Visualization

Riccardo Torresi, Yazan Tabaza

Anthropocene: A Data Visualization | © Riccardo Torresi

Anthropocene: A Data Visualization | © Riccardo Torresi

To what extent have human beings changed the earth’s ecosystem?

Which factors of human history have most influenced the world’s condition so far?

When did we start to consider our influence on the natural environment?

This project seeks to explore humans’ understanding of environmental changes throughout history, using data visualization as a storytelling tool to show the Anthropocene phenomenon. The narrative form chosen for this task is a process that uses, as one of its main features, the possibility offered by the technology to represent empirical data in a tangible way. The first result will be a timeline of the main events related to environmental turning points in history. The second result will be a 3D visualization model made by means of code-based algorithms that use the EPI open-source database implemented in various 3D softwares today.

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Riccardo Torresi is currently enrolled in the Master Program Media Spaces at the BTK Berlin. He was nominated for the 1st prize at the International Architectural Thesis Award and the Archiprix Italia 2013.

Yazan Tabaza is enrolled in Interaction Design and Media spaces (M.A.) at the BTK Berlin. He is also working as a freelance designer with specialization on user interface.