The Anthroposcale

Rafael Dernbach, Milosz Paul Rosinski

The Anthroposcale | © Rafael Dernbach

The Anthroposcale | © Rafael Dernbach

The Anthroposcale portrays three individuals who are already thinking and acting according to the Anthropocene hypothesis. The experimental web documentary assembles moving images into an interactive environment. Thus the viewer can enter a virtual landscape of “next natures” – natures brought about by human beings. This walk through these “next natures” leads to encounters with, for example, a sensual cyborg and a teenager building sea drones. The Anthroposcale invites us to wonder how the Anthropocene thesis challenges the modern human vs. nature duality, but also human-machine and human-animal relationships. The essayistic entanglement of documentary material and interactive .gif narratives evokes memories of past digital and analog utopias. It is ultimately a journey through the orbit of the Anthropocene thesis, and the question remains: What is the scope of action of our dreams?

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Rafael Dernbach is a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grantee currently earning a doctorate at the Department of German and Dutch at the University of Cambridge. Since 2006 he has also worked as a freelance author for publications including ZEIT ONLINE, ZDFinfo, and WELT.

Milosz Paul Rosinski is currently earning a doctorate in French philosophy, culture, and literature at the University of Cambridge, where he also works as a supervisor. He has written a number of academic articles on film for the specialized press.