Things that Matter: The Future Wunderkammer

Valentina Ciarapica, Alessia Rotondo

Things that Matter | © Valentina Ciarapica, Alessia Rotondo

Things that Matter | © Valentina Ciarapica, Alessia Rotondo

What would we like to share with the people of the future about our personal lives? This question lies at the heart of a mysterious video which appears online out of nowhere. Yuri speaks from the future, seeking traces of our contemporary civilization and organizing these items in his Wunderkammer, an astonishing cabinet of curiosities. Since all knowledge about our present era has vanished, the audience is asked to share a significant object of personal value and an accompanying story. An interactive installation will follow the first web version of this collective, intimate story about our times.

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Valentina Ciarapica is a Berlin-based Video Editor and Vfx Artist. Her latest works include the arts and media platform ikonoTV, as well as the Centro Sperimentale Mediars and the German transmedia interactive school game Professor S. She has been selected as visual artist for new media and curatorial projects in Italy (Angolazioniurbane), Turkey (Istanbul, European Capital of Culture 2010) and Greece (Biennale Jeunes Créateurs Europe Méditerranée 2011 and Santorini Biennale 2012).

Alessia Rotondo is a writer, mainly a screenwriter, based in Milan. She wrote two radioplays broadcasted by Radio Rai and an animated short movie that will premiere at EXPO Milano 2015. She worked on a non­linear storytelling project at UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television. She is currently working on her first feature film, along with many other different stories.