Akram Zaatari

Akram Zaatari is an artist and co-founder of the Arab Image Foundation. His work, comprised of numerous films and videos, books, and installations of photographic material, pursues a range of interconnected themes, subjects, and practices related to excavation, political resistance, the lives of former militants, the legacy of an exhausted left, intimacies among men, the circulation of images in times of war, and the play of tenses inherent to various letters that have been lost, found, buried, discovered, or otherwise delayed in reaching their destinations. Zaatari’s work has been exhibited i.a. at the 55th Venice Biennal (2013), documenta 13, Kassel (2012), and 13th Istanbul Biennial (2011) as well as at The Museum of Modern Art, New York (2013), Centre Pompidou, Paris (2008), and Tate Modern, London (2003).