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100 Years of Copyright

2018, Oct 18, Thu — 2018, Oct 21, Sun

A titanic struggle is currently raging over copyright. Publishers, labels and production companies battle the representatives of the digital economy over exploitation and remuneration. In this conflict, where are the interests of the artists? What about those of consumers with their desire to use high quality cultural goods? 100 Years of Copyright investigates the evolution of copyright since the birth of the cultural industry, concepts of intellectual property and artistic freedom. Initially intended as a research project, it will culminate in the fall of 2018 with concerts, talks, films, installations and performances.

What is an original? Who owns the rights and who earns money with them? 100 Years of Copyright critically illuminates various legal concepts, their strengths and weaknesses and, not least, the role of collecting societies. How are they legitimized, how do they work? What reform proposals exist and what are the interests behind them? The victims of the current conflict dispute are, on the one hand, the creative people, for whom it is increasingly difficult to make a living from their work because the legal basis on which they generate their income originated in the pre-digital age. But users are also impaired when copyright and artistic freedom are played against one another. Can music, literature and films still be produced independently at all?

The festival explores concepts of intellectual property and reproduction not only in Europe and the US, but also in Asia and Africa with the aim of taking global stock of the situation. What alternative ideas exist globally for the protection and promotion of artistic creativity?

While the project is under development, a publication is being realized. In the follow-up project Right the Right (starting in 2019), attempts will be made to formulate proposals for copyright reform or a new copyright law.

HKW curator Detlef Diederichsen investigates the music of the past 100 years and traces leitmotifs of pop history from unexpected perspectives.

Part of 100 Years of Now

Concerts, talks, films, installations, performances, publication