Anjali Vats

Anjali Vats is Visiting Law Professor at UC Davis School of Law and Assistant Professor of Communication and African Diaspora Studies at Boston College as well as Assistant Professor of Law at Boston College Law School. Her research is focused on rhetorics of race in law and popular culture. Vats is currently working on a monograph entitled Created Differences: Intellectual Properties and Racial Formation in the Making of Americans which considers how political, popular, and legal discourse about copyrights, trademark, and patents shape our understandings of race, citizenship, and the capacity to engage in valuable intellectual labor.

100 Years of Copyright

Copyleft or Copywrong? Part 1

Larisa Kingston Mann, Joe Bennett, Monika Dommann, Martin Kretschmer, Fiona Macmillan, Marisella Ouma, Anjali Vats

Talks, keynote

Oct 20, 2018