Repeat After Me / Do Not Draw a Penis

Interactive installations on artificial intelligence by Studio Moniker
Since 2019

Algorithms permeate analog and digital spaces. Using them can be understood as a kind of re-literacy of society. Yet the notion of algorithms is rather diffuse, abstract, and disembodied, although these “disembodied” entities intervene very clearly in physical life: in the body, body awareness, or even moral decision-making. Who’s dependent on whom? Who’s in charge? Who knows best what’s right and what’s wrong? As part of the long-term project Das Neue Alphabet, HKW is in search of the human in the technosphere and in cultures influenced by algorithms. Two installations by the Amsterdam art, design and communications office Moniker make the every-reshaping technological and moral gray areas tangible. They combine physical and algorithmic bodies, challenging both play instincts and resistance. Enter at your own risk!

Interactive installations

Since 2019

Daily except Tue
12 noon–8 pm

Telephone booths at the upper lobby

Free admission