The Disappearance of Music

May–November 2020

Mark Dorf | untitled28, from the series PATH, 2012

Mark Dorf | untitled28, from the series PATH, 2012

Is music conceivable without musicians, instruments and recordings? “Traditional” instruments are becoming less and less important; easily accessible programs now make it possible to produce professional tracks even on a smartphone and software tools like auto-tune are becoming normalized. How does this change music, how does it change the live experience? And how are musicians dealing with the actual disappearance of concerts during the current pandemic?

Universally available, easy-to-use music tools are creating a new kind of musician: Anyone can produce music without any basic musical knowledge. In electronic music in particular, artists are breaking new ground in performances. The physical object of the sound carrier is also becoming a memory – files don’t develop a patina. What is this shakeup doing to the character of music? What new forms of live concerts will arise? The discursive music festival The Disappearance of Music in November 2020 revolves around these questions.

The festival’s title takes on an additional edge in the current COVID-19 pandemic: Music has actually disappeared from public life; concerts are only possible as live streams or under strict protective measures. In the run-up to the festival, a video series beginning in May 2020 shows how musicians are using the current restrictions productively: They digitally produce a new piece of music and document the process using DIY video. A new “making of” is issued every week. This allows the audience to experience the creation process – precisely what is otherwise impossible with digitally produced music since it is often created in several layers over a longer period of time.

Video series with contributions from, among many others, Lucrecia Dalt, Barbara Morgenstern, Matias Aguayo, Lamin Fofana, Tellavision, Eblis Álvarez (Meridian Brothers)

Video series and festival curated by Zuri Maria Daiß and Detlef Diederichsen

Part of The New Alphabet

Video series
Until autumn 2020

Concerts, talks and more
Nov 13-15, 2020

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DJ Raph: Deep State

Video: Victor Mutali

Eli Gras: Capillarity

Filmed by Eli Gras & Mar Morey

Astronauta Pinguim: The most beautiful card in the deck

Video and liquid wall projections by Ramiro Pissetti

Interspecifics: Untitled Data Composition

Recorded at Laboratorio Sensorial, Guadalajara, Mexico by Juan Villalobos (Sound) and Diego Gonzalez (Camera)

Rey Sapienz & MC Dogis Mechant: Tati Wata

Camera: Chrisman

Don Zilla & MC Ecko Bazz: Wagulu

Camera: Chrisman

Natalie Beridze: Holes

Ale Hop: The Very Little Band

Lamin Fofana: Note on Planetary Living

Lucrecia Dalt: Cosa

Camera and interview: Chris Shields

Matias Aguayo: New in the Forest

SOTE: Synthetic Wood

feat. Mazda Damadi (tonbak) and Arash Bolouri (video)

Guido Möbius: Zwiefacher

feat. Andrea Belfi (hihat) and Bettina Weber (violin)
Video: Anna Shirin

Tellavision: Love from a Distance

Video & Music: Tellavision

Barbara Morgenstern: Der Witz

Thanks to Evangelische Kirchengemeinde Potzlow-Lindenhagen

Meridian Brothers: Bucles y operadores en gran confrontación (presentando al Aparato del progreso)

Aparato del progreso built by Eblis Álvarez and Mateo Rivano
Camera: Bibiana Rojas