Fashion Workshop of the Present - System. Ecology. Play.

Wedding-Schule with Aïcha Abbadi and Johanna Schwab

© Aïcha Abbadi und Johanna Schwab

Fashion serves as an example which makes global contradictions and parallel realities visible in all their intensity. It becomes the common medium and tool of the students of class 4a of the Wedding-Schule and the artists Aïcha Abbadi and Johanna Schwab to explore daily thoughts and actions. Using fashion – as an immediate cover, as a language of signs, as a global system and social practice – they investigate complex questions about individuality and the collective, about agriculture and economics, social structures and global hierarchies. In their Fashion Workshop of the Present, learners explore these through a variety of strategies: drawing, collage, design, reassembly, repair and portraiture, experimenting with fiber, textile, image and language.