Wedding-Schule with Julia Jasmin Rommel and Margo Zālīte

© Julia Jasmin Rommel

Around 80 to 90 percent of all plants live in symbiosis with fungi. Cooperation is therefore essential for fungi just as it is for humans. The mycelium of the fungus underground communicates the situation on our planet: It reports problems and reacts very quickly to changes in its environment. For example, fungal mycelia are created that can digest petroleum and plastic. Ergo with the help of fungi, the oceans could potentially be freed from plastic. In their project, together with their teachers and the artists Margo Zālīte and Julia Jasmin Rommel, the students of Class 3d of the Wedding-Schule research this complex topic, design objects inspired by mushrooms and test how the anti-hierarchical communication modes of fungi can be transferred to their own school subjects, places of residence and friendships.