global prayers 2012

redemption and liberation in the city
2012, Feb 23, Thu — 2012, Feb 26, Sun

Evangelical communities work in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro to prevent drug abuse. In war-torn Beirut, Islamic movements are organizing the reconstruction of the devastated city. Christian Nollywood movies are being made in the f lm studios of Lagos. Islamic gated communities are sprouting up on the outskirts of Istanbul. In Mumbai, Hindu nationalists are officially part of the municipal government. In Berlin, Christian communities gather in cinemas, cafés and other secular institutions. Very little serious research has been done on these new movements. Instead, they are often ignored or scandalized. During the Global Prayers Theme Days, international academics and artists highlight religious phenomena and urban settings, strategies, and productions of meaning of religious players from metropolises around the world. In a series of discussions, lectures, sounds, f ilms and photographic works, they explore the links between urban development and religious practices, between promises of spiritual redemption and social liberation.

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