Vatapá de Fruta Pão

Sat, Jun 14, 2014
8 pm
Admission: 5€
Open-Air on the roof terrace, in case of rain in the exhibition hall
Vatapá de Fruta Pão, © Louise Culot

A permanent feature of Berlin’s Afro-Brazilian music scene for years: Vatapá de Fruta Pão, named after a speciality from Salvador de Bahia, made from bread, fish, Dendé oil, nuts, seafood and African spices.

And just like the dish, the band’s fusion of Bossa Nova, Samba-Reggae, Funk and Jazz has its own special intensity. And the mixture continues: Compositions from the guitarist and singer Arnaldo Prete telling musical stories from the streets of São Paulo to the beaches of Rio, Brazil and Africa, stand alongside absolute classics from Música Popular Brasileira.