Cabo Snoop

Batida de Angola

Fri, Aug 8, 2014
9 pm
Admission: Evening ticket (3 concerts + films) 10€/8€
Open-Air on the roof terrace
Cabo Snoop, Photo: Promo

Cabo Snoop conjures up a collision of hip-hop, techno and punk.

The latest and globally best-known Angolan dance music, kuduro – translated as “hard ass” – compresses hip-hop, techno and punk into a very small space. Cabo Snoop is a prime example. One of the shooting stars of recent years, the MC from Luanda began his career as a dancer, with a group called Crazy Boyz. In 2010, he snatched an MTV Africa Music Award from out of nowhere. And no wonder: with his smooth dance style and cocky vocal swagger, Cabo Snoop is a born entertainer. He released his debut album, “Bluetooth,” in 2011.

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