Robin Fox & Atom TM "Double Vision", Gert Jan Prins & Martijn Van Boven "Black Smoking Mirror"

Sat, Jan 31, 2015
9–10.30 pm
Admission: 15€

transmediale / CTM Collaborative Concert II. Double Vision, the German premiere of a new collaboration between the shape-shifting musician Atom™ and the Australian intermedia artist Robin Fox.

This year’s signature collaborative concerts with partner festival CTM Festival host the German premiere of Double Vision, a new collaboration between shape-shifter Atom™ (aka. Uwe Schmidt, Atom Heart, Señor Coconut) and the Australian intermedia artist Robin Fox in a powerful three-dimensional assault of sound and vision. A performance commissioned by Unsound and Adelaide Festival, Double Vision merges Fox's synaesthetic laser-show and Schmidt's deconstructed take on pop music in an attempt to explore affective involvement in a spectrum ranging from a near scientific demonstration of audiovisual phenomena to the playfulness of pop and back.

The second of two collaborative concerts, this evening also features Black Smoking Mirror, a work that forms part of the Noise & Matter trilogy by Dutch artists Gert-Jan Prins and Martijn van Boven. Conveying the rudimentary elements of light, electronic frequencies, and chemical transformations through heat, capture, and storage in elementary media-technological materials, the work is presented on a fixed screen of inflammable canvas that is gradually engraved by a laser, causing combustion. The principle of reflection and the material processing of images is rendered frighteningly physical, a symbolic expression about the transformation time of resistance, friction, and obstruction of the canvas. What remains after the performance – the last, scortched image frame.

Double Vision is commissioned by Unsound and Adelaide Festival. With additional support by Audi.

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