Presentation, Performance

Relating to Apes – a system of degrees | 06 Kriminalaffe

Marcus Coates | Ines Doujak

Thu, Apr 30, 2015
6.30 pm
Free admission

In English

Relating to Apes – a system of degrees
Presentation by Marcus Coates
In the pursuit of defining what is human, the ape presents us with a complex and compelling comparison. Coates worked with Primatologist Volker Sommer to negotiate and devise a comparative framework. Using examples of past work, performance and recordings of his recent discussions with Sommer, Coates will discuss his own relational research and the collaboration behind the new work - Degreecoordinates that will be shown in the exhibition Ape Culture.

06 Kriminalaffe
Performance by Ines Doujak, John Barker, and Matthew Hyland
With: John Barker, Lena Hofmann, Viola Dix, Danilo de Oliveira Viana