Art Studio - Studio Living

Living and working as an artist under one roof

Fri, Oct 30, 2015
7 pm
Free admission
Places for the Shoptalk are limited: please register by Oct 29, 2015 at

In English

The Communal Villa in a Society of Syndicates, © Realism Working Group

Shoptalk and panel discussion with the Realism Working Group and the studio commissioner of Berlin

Daniela Brahm (ExRotaprint), Silvia Carpaneto (architect), Mathias Heyden (Haben und Brauchen), Nikolaus Hirsch (co-curator Wohnungsfrage, HKW), Andreas Krüger (Belius Stiftung), Rolf Novy-Huy (Stiftung Trias), Florian Schmidt (studio commissioner bbk kulturwerk), Jessica Sehrt (artist), Jeronimo Voss (artist)

3-6 pm Shoptalk
How do (we) artists want to live, reside and work?
What perspectives do new and established residential models have to offer? Artists and experts from the fields of architecture, project development and urban planning discuss actual residential concepts and the relationship between life and artistic work. The focus is on topics such as communality, financial security and space requirements. The results of the shoptalk and the subsequent panel discussion will be incorporated in the studio commissioner’s 2020 Art Studios master plan.
Places are limited: please register by Oct 29, 2015 at

7-9 pm Panel Discussion
How can the concept of living and working under one roof be reformulated for artists?
Architects, artists and representatives of initiatives will discuss the results of the shoptalk and perspectives for new residential projects for artists.

Everyone is talking about the growing trend of living and working under one roof. But combined living and working is still often experimental. Has the relationship between living and working changed in the lives of artists? What experiences have people had with live-in studios and housing projects? What’s the status of support for studio living in Berlin? What might future models look like with respect to physical structure, type of ownership and funding? What role does housing for artists play in urban development policy?

Specific demands need to be satisfied by housing for working artists. Artists often work with large-scale artifacts and special substances. The space requirements are just as diverse as the genre-specific working methods. But artists’ ways of life are also diverse. Living and working in a community, whether in an artists’ community or in family and work-friendly types of housing for artists, has a long tradition as well as new relevance. There is also a need for financial security both for old age and due to changed conditions such as rapidly rising rents.

Forms of studio living are good options if they can fulfill the demands for types of spaces and affordability. According to surveys conducted by the Atelierbüro of bbk kulturwerk, one third of (Berlin) artists would like to reside in a live-in studio. Nonetheless, the supply lags far behind demand. This event will explore the question of whether and how living and working under one roof can be reconsidered for artists and what perspectives there are for new projects.

An event as part of the Wohnungsfrage project of HKW in cooperation with the Atelierbüro in the kulturwerk of bbk berlin GmbH. Art Studio - Studio Living was developed by Florian Schmidt, studio commissioner for Berlin and head of the Atelierbüro in the kulturwerk of bbk berlin GmbH.