Hybrid Event / Anxious to Secure

Inner Security

With Martin Hartmann, Sophie Hoyle, Stefan Schumacher and Theresa Züger

Fri, Feb 5, 2016
Exhibition Hall 1
4–5.30 pm

Anxieties to secure affect life in every dimension, not least in the perception and formation of the self in contact with others and the world. This event explores the psychology of security, asking how security threats are (mis-)perceived and how society is structured around them, corresponding to the technologies we live with.

Human-machine interaction and the omnipresence of technologies, digital services, and social networks require a new reflection upon trust (or distrust) as the basis for human security measures. Considering the social perceptions of technology in relation to anxiety, as both an individual psychiatric and a wider cultural condition, the discussion focuses on how technologies could not only foster anxieties but contribute to and enable self-organized alternatives.