Congo River – Beyond Darkness

D: Thierry Michel, CON/B 2006, 121 min, OV with German and French subtitles

Sat, Jul 29, 2017
10 pm
Admission: Evening ticket (2 concerts + film) 14€/12€, Film only 6€/4€

In the Auditorium because of poor weather forecast

Congo River, © Les Films de la Passerelle

4,000 kilometer river journey through Congo’s everyday life and history

Beyond darkness: Like the protagonist in Joseph Conrad’s novella, the documentary travels over 4,000 kilometers upriver to the source of the River Congo. However, Michel’s powerful film paints a contrasting, more differentiated picture of the heart of Africa. In majestic panoramas and intimate portraits it captures both the mythology of the river and the everyday life of the people, as well as revealing the traces of recent history, such as the abandoned palace of the dictator Mobutu or the destruction of natural riverside environments.