Kids&Teens: photography workshop with the photographer Laura Braun

In-visible. Photographic Storytelling

Sun, Nov 5, 2017
3–6 pm
Fee: 5€
In German
8–12 years
© Laura Braun

People’s faces tell us a lot about them. But what if the face cannot be seen? Starting with a picture of a person whose face is hidden, the workshop participants will search for hints that reveal more about this mysterious character. When they run out of hints, they can use their imaginations. They will use disguises to become invisible themselves and make up their own stories about the character, which they will capture in photographs.

No previous experience required, cameras will be provided.

Laura Braun is a freelance photographer in Berlin. She studied art and design at Central St Martins College and photography and sociology at Goldsmiths College in London. In 2011, she founded the publishing house Paper Tigers Books for photography books.