Kids&Teens: photography workshop with the director Katja Berls

Politics & Architecture

Sun, Nov 19, 2017
3–5 pm
Fee: 5€
In German
8–12 years
© Folkert Eilts

When the HKW building, then the Congress Hall, opened its doors in divided Berlin in 1957 it was meant to symbolize freedom and superiority. The constructors inscribed their political ideals in the architecture. The workshop will use the camera as a research instrument to try and decode the messages left behind in concrete, glass and steel. At the same time, the participants will learn how to make new, personal points of view visible with photography.

No previous experience required, cameras will be provided.

Katja Berls is a filmmaker. She has created TV features, for example for the Kurzschluss magazine program on Arte, and worked on a variety of television, documentary and feature films. In addition to her directing work, she has regularly held film and photography workshops since 2010.