Kids&Teens: film program with the film educator Stefanie Schlüter

Cityscapes Berlin East/West

Sat, Dec 16, 2017
3–5 pm
Fee: 5€
In German
from 10 years
© Creative Commons

What image did the two parts of the city invent for themselves during the so-called Cold War? Short films show different points of view of East and West Berlin. How did the cityscapes on either side of the wall evolve? What landmarks were people especially proud of? And how did the two parts of the city relate to one another?

The event is conceived for children, but open to interested adult audiences. Admission is included in the day ticket.

Stefanie Schlüter is a schoolteacher for philosophy and German. She works as a freelance film educator working at the interface of cinema, museum, archive, school and university.